P r o d u c t s

drawing grapes

Our estate-grown wines embody the vibrant charm and complexity of our historic vineyard, exhibiting the balance and elegance indicative of this unique terroir. Enjoy the vast variety of flavors and experiences our wines bring you and your loved ones.

G u e r r i e r o

Chianti D.O.C.G. with a cherry flavor and hints of floral aromas and red fruits.

F a u s

Tuscan White I.G.T.
A fresh and fruity Trebbiano.

B a s i u m

Rosé wine.
Nose: quite fine, floral (violet, pink). Taste: fresh, quite soft with a bitter aftertaste.

L i b b r a

Quite soft grappa, suitable to be tasted after a meal.

B a r r i c a d e L i b b r a

Excellent with dry desserts, dried fruit, blue cheeses and liver pate.

E c c e l s i o

Passito of Chianti.

C o n d i t u s

Extra virgin olive oil.