Passito of Chianti

Name: Passito del Chianti Eccelsio
Vine variety: Malvasia
Location: Toscana–Gambassi terme (FI)
Elevation: 230 240 m on Sea level
Harvest: we select grapes before the harvesting and then we lie them on to mats in airy locals to start the withering, promating the sugar concentration
Wine-making process: after the withering we separate the stalks and press the grapes. The must is then put in 70-100 lt chestmutb kegs, which contain very old selected yeasts, that are controlled every year.
Maturation: 4 years in 70-100 lt. chestmut kegs
Aging: 6 months in bottle
Color: amber
Nose: fruity but we can also recognize caramel and chestmut honey fragrances.
Taste: sweet and warm, very smooth with a persistent flauor.
Suggestions: perfect for meditation, but it is exalted with “cantuccini”, typical biscuit from tuscan tradition
To be served: at 16-18° C with dessert, or 20° C as meditation

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